Monday, December 7, 2009

TWO MONTHS! really?

Wow, its been two months! I cant believe it!

so much is going on here I don't even know where to start!

Well I have now been to school 3 times. Once on a Thursday and twice on Tuesdays(which is a different set of kids). And I by far like Tuesdays much better! The teachers are getting a little bit more understanding of my non-German. Except, of course, for that one mean Fraue lady. She still thinks I'm stupid for being there in the first place. I just smile and nod as she yells at me in German. Its actually quite entertaining! I have met some really nice jumper riders that speak a little English. They watch out for me and help me with some of the lessons. They even invited me to go party with them in a couple weeks, I'm not sure about it though, they ARE jumper riders and all. We know how they can be! But all in all its getting better week by week. I'm starting to understand a lot more and participating a little bit in the lessons! We'll see how it goes though.
thats about all that going on with school........ o yea i met a pretty girl and got her email! her name is Anna!

Christmas Market:
Where to start? Starting in late November every(well most I think) town opens its christmas markets! They are usually in the center of town in the old part(altstadt) and are filled with tons of little booths selling food, gifts, little nick-nacks, and of course LIQOUR(gluhwein, hot wine with spices, is the seasonal favorite and quite tasty!) I have been to the very large and very popular Dusseldorf christmas market a few times now. It has been FULL of thousands of people drinking, eating, and shopping. Its pretty fun. My favorite part is the food of course! Currywurst, bratwurst, crepes, waffles, you name it they have it!
I ate my weight in food the first time i went. I learned to be a little bit more conservative the next time. But what can i say, im a sucker for "crepes mit Nutella"!
I also went to the one in Wulfrath the other night. Its about 1/8th the size but just as happening. There was live music, great food, and plenty of GLUHWEIN to supply a whole city for a holiday season. Everyone at this christmas market knew everyone else there. Wulfrath is a very small town, so this is like just one big christmas eve party at Grandpa's house that just so happens to go on every weekend for a month! I met the Wulfrath English(as in London, England) population at their booth. They sold whiskey, scotch, and Irish Coffee!( and gave out a free english conversation to any one willing to talk to them!) I was more than willing! With Irish Coffee in hand I told them my whole life story and learned all about them as well! There are about 5 retired couples that moved from England to Wulfrath to live out there lives. They are all super nice, and super old, and very interested in my being here! I hope to run into them the next time i go down for the market!
I plan on going and doing some christmas shopping next weekend at the Dusseldorf market...We'll see how that goes, I'll most likely end up eating currywurst and crepes all night. did i mention how much i love crepes?!!?

Well I was going to write about my first german lesson that I had today, but it will have to wait. I'm late for dinner, and since I'm cooking it, it's important that I'm there!
So I will be writing about that shortly! Much too tell! All is going well and as always I'll end a quote.

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.
Doug Firebaug