Monday, November 2, 2009

3 weeks into it

So I have been here a little more than 3 weeks and OH MY has it been crazy.

I have been working the hardest I have ever had to work and riding more horses than I ever had to ride in my life. The work is exhausting and the riding is difficult, but the knowledge I've already gained in just 3 weeks is incredible.

My daily Schedule kinda goes as follows:
6:15am-Wake up
6:30am-Start work at
6:30-Clean about 8 stalls, put new straw in stall, and sweep the whole barn
8am-Break for a 30 minute breakfast with the whole team
8:30am-Start to ride. Ride usually 3-4 horses. Tack a few. Warm-up/cool down a few horses for the Chef.
1:30pm-Break for an hour. Eat lunch and usually check Facebook and emails.
2:30-Clean horses for boarders coming to ride in the afternoon and ride some more(usually 2 horses)
Until 6:30pm- Feed and hay horses, sweep the barn area, change blankets on horses, and do anything else needed to do.

(This is only tuesday through Saturday though. Sunday is a half day and Monday is usually a free day. We do have to work ever fourth Monday, but we get a day off during the week.)

Its a full day. We sometimes work until 7 or 8 at night. Once a week the hay is delivered and all the guys have to unload and put it in the pony barn where its stored. It is probably the work job of everything I've had to do. Its moving about 200-450 bales of hay about 15 meters. In a chain of 3 guys. Doesn't sound horrible, but you have NO idea!

On a different note, I am making some great friends! One of my housemates, Peter, is from Poland and is newer here than me. He doesn't speak a word of German, but speaks quite a bit of English! We have clicked pretty well being as we are the two foreigners in a barn full of germans! He has a car and a GPS navigation, so we go exploring. We drove to Dusseldorf(only about 30minutes away) one night and had dinner and walked along the beautiful Rhine River. Its a really pretty town! I'll post pictures soon!

Everything is going well and I'm having a blast. More to come soon, I promise!!
And i apologize for the grammar and spelling errors, I don't write particularly well. I ride horses instead!!

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  1. I am so glad you are blogging. I love to see what you are up to over there. Things are pretty much the same here, but we miss ya lots.
    Love ya
    Mama Scott