Monday, November 16, 2009


So last night was my first ever soccer game. Well I think I played as a 5 year old, but lets be real, that doesnt count!

Most of the workers from the barn, one of the boarders and her boyfriend, and this really nice german couple that were someone's friends all met up this really cool gigantic indoor soccer/tennis/bowling complex. It cost 5euros a person since we had 10 people there. We played an hour of intense non-stop indoor soccer.

I played goalie to start out with because I was the newbie to the sport. I deflected 6 shots and was on fire. They moved me out of the box to try and score some. I made two goals in 3 minutes. We then took a little bit of a breather. In indoor soccer the field is only like 1/8 the size of a normal soccer field and has a wall surrounding the whole field. This means that there are no outs. The ball is constantly in play until a goal is scored or a foul is made. We could only play about 5 minutes at a time with no breaks. So we took water breaks and breathing breaks constantly. I scored 2 more goals before our hour was up! And also played goalie a few more times keeping the score down to 14-7 our team up!
the other team scored in the last 5 minutes so the final score ended up being 14-8 our team!

No one there believed me that i really hadnt played before... i just told them that i just kicked the ball as hard as i could towards the goal and it sometimes worked out for me!
It was so much fun and we are going to play again next Sunday! It is a good and fun way for us to stay in shape when not riding.

Another plus was meeting the boarder here at the barn, Yvonne's, boyfriend. He lived in Michigan for a year when he was in Highschool back in the 90s. He is super smart and really really nice. He speaks english perfectly and fluently. We got along really well. Most of the others had to keep telling us to stop talking and play the game. He wants to take me around Dusseldorf some more and to some of the fun local spots that the others here dont know about. After winter he wants to take me to this mall that has a beach on top. YES, a BEACH! complete with sand, water, and cocktails! It is closed now for winter, but when it opens again we are totally hitting it up! It was nice to meet someone that reminded me of my friends back home! We could talk about politics, school, religion, etc... It was a nice feeling!

Well thats about all I have been up to for the last week or so... Still working a ton and learning even more!
I think im gunna start doing a weekly german riding tip of the week...good idea? or a waste of time!?! horse poeple-let me know what you think!

I'm off to go cook some chicken and pasta for the housemates.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Definitely do a weekly riding tip!!! I really like your inspirational quotes too!!! (I just realized that comments could be left) Really loving the blog! -Kathleen