Monday, November 2, 2009

John Mason- Germany 07 October 2009

I have arrived! My plane landed in Dusseldorf at 2:35pm(14:35). I met up with Johann’s wife, Katja, in the baggage claim area and we set off to the barn. The drive was only about 25 minutes. She then gave me a mini tour of the barn, seeing as I had already been there once before, and introduced me to the other workers there.

After getting all my bags unpacked and my room organized, I took a long awaited(and I’m sure needed)hot shower. Katja then took me to the local supermarket which was very similar to a Texas Walmart, except for this had a great selection of GOOD food. I stocked up on bread, cheese, and sandwich meats. It was raining when we walked back outside so we had to run to the car and try to unload the cart as fast as possible. The short car ride home was filled with fun little questions about the little tiny differences between Americans and Germans. She helped me unload the groceries in my shared kitchen, which my kitchen mate keeps quite cluttered. After all this hustle and bustle I finally got lay down for a minute.

Sleep was not in the near forecast though. It might have been late afternoon here, but it was only mid-morning back in Texas. So I thought I would go and meander through the barns and meet some of the horses and people. I watched Johann and Thomas, the assistant trainer, teach some lessons. Thomas rode a very hot and gigantic black gelding that he rode effortlessly, making it look easy. After about a half hour of arena and people watching, I headed back to the room to call my dad and check in. This was the only time today I got really homesick. It finally sunk in that I am on the other side of the world and don’t really know anyone within a 1000 mile radius.

Then that puts me here. Writing this journal entry on my brand new MacBook Pro(thank you Uncle John). I think I might go for another walk. The sun is going down and the barn is getting quieter... my kind of time!

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